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Report on le Cheylas upgrade studies - Download file
New Rotor Design Guidelines for both Doubly and Full-Fed Solutions - Download file
Smart Dispatch for PSP - Download file
Potential, Economic and Environmental Value of Large-Scale Energy Storage in Europe - Download file
Obstacles for the Integration of Storage in Current EU Regulatory and Market Framework - Download file
Plan for exploitation and replication - Download file
eStorage Project Reporting Attachment to 4th Periodic Report PUBLISHABLE SUMMARY - Download file
4th Annual workshop (Brussels, Belgium) Presentations
eStorage presentation and results overview - Guillaume Rudelle, GE - Download file
Potential Economic and environmental value of large-scale energy storage in Europe - Marko. Aunedi, Imperial College London and Wim van der Veen, DNV GL - Download file
Barriers to integration of energy storage in the current EU regulatory and market framework - Christos Konstantinidis, Imperial College London - Download file
Latest electro-mechanical developments for variable speed pumped storage equipment - Thomas Kunz, GE - Download file
New products that capture the benefits of storage-related flexibility in a balancing market (including demonstration) - Laurent Billet, GE - Download file
Smart Dispatch: Optimizing very short term variable speed pumped storage plant operation within a competitive context (including demonstration) - Jean-Christophe. Passelergue, GE - Download file
EU policy framework for storage research & innovation - Henrik Dam, European Commission - Download file
An overview on Energy Storage «what are the prerequisites for its European integration? - Patrick Clerens, European Association for the Storage of Energy - Download file
Modelling the systemic role of energy storage: challenges & outlook - Andreas Zucker, the European Commission’s Joint Research Center - Download file
3rd Annual workshop (Birr, Switzerland) Presentations
The eStorage project – WShop1 eStorage Project Update - Lee Lenhard, GE - Download file
The eStorage project – WShop2 Regulatory and commercial framework for storage in interconnected European electricity systems - Christos Vasilakos Konstantinidis, ICL - Download file
The eStorage project – WShop3 Business Cases - Thomas Kunz, GE - Download file
The eStorage project – WShop4 Exploitation Results potential new sites - Haike van de Vegte , Martijn Huibers, DNV GL - Download file
The eStorage project – WShop5 Is industrial demand response complementary or competitive to pumped hydro storage - Michael Papapetrou, IndustRE - Download file
2nd Annual workshop (London, UK) Presentations
eStorage workshop Project Presentation - Olivier Teller - Download file
The eStorage project - WP1 Presentation - Henri Jacquet-Francillon - Download file
WP2 demonstration of Smart Dispatch tool, including the variable speed PSP model - Alexandre Neto - Download file
WP3 Global Overview, Current Status and Next Steps - Wim van der Veen - Download file
The modeling and use of Storage in the e-Highway 2050 project - Gérald Sanchis; Brahim Bétraoui - Download file
WP4 The potential for new PSPs in Europe - Martijn Huibers - Download file
WP5 Communication Progress & Results - Lee Lenhard - Download file
1st Annual workshop (Arnhem, NL) Presentations
eStorage workshop Project Presentation - Olivier Teller - Download file
The eStorage project - WP1 Presentation - Henri Jacquet-Francillon - Download file
WP2 Progress & Results - Jean-Christophe Passelergue; Olivier De l’Hermuzière - Download file
WP3 Benefits of Storage and Regulatory Framework & Market Design - Wim van der Veen - Download file
Results for the European PHS potential. - Marcos Gimeno-Gutiérrez; Roberto Lacal-Arántegui - Download file
European Regulatory and Market Framework for Electricity Storage - Michael Papapetrou - Download file


eStorage Brochure 2016 - Download file
CIGRE2016_C2-PS1-System_Operation_and_Control_0463 - Download file
eStorage announces study of potential pumped hydro in Europe - Lee Lenhard - Download file
Hydro2015_Alstom_DNVGL_eStorage Projects Results to date - Lee Lenhard - Download file
eStorage_D4.2 Overview of potential locations for new variable PSP in Europe - Haike van de Vegte - Download file
eStorage_D3.1_final validation - Download file
eStorage_WP6_D6 5_Periodic Report P1_Publishable Summary - Download file
eStorage_Periodic Report_D6 6_P2_v1.Publishable Summary - Download file
eStorage_D6.7 Periodic report 3_Publishable Summary - Download file
eStorage_D4.1 Potential to convert fixed speed PSP to variable speed - Download file
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