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Pumped hydro storage upgrade to variable speed

eStorage will demonstrate the feasibility and benefits of converting EDF’s Le Cheylas (France) fixed speed pumped hydro storage into a variable speed pumped hydro storage. Variable speed technology offers several advantages:

  • frequency regulation in generation and pumping modes
  • more operational flexibility for plant operators
  • flexible ancillary services available for grid operators.

The learnings of the Le Cheylas upgrade will help to enable the conversion of over 75% of European fixed speed pumped hydro storage.

Smart energy networks & IT tools

EDF, GE, Elia & Imperial College will demonstrate how enhanced IT tools can lead to a better optimization of storage systems.

Storage benefits, regulatory framework & market design

EDF, GE, Elia , DNV GL and Imperial College are focusing on different scenarios for the development of a future electricity system, relying on a large proportion of renewables. They will also assess the benefits for grid operators of a massive conversion to variable speed units from fixed speed pumped hydro storage. Different business models for flexible energy storage will be designed and changes will be proposed that take into account the current regulatory and market framework.

Results exploitation

During the project phase, GE, Elia, DNV GL & EDF will assess the feasibility and technical costs of converting the fixed-speed units of existing EU pumped hydro storage sites into variable speed units.

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